Where to next? Be a SUPER organized traveller and enjoy it so much more.

travelSo we’ve decided on our next destination.. It just so happens to be our previous destination which is so unlike us to revisit a place, especially so close in time but the last experience was so fantastic that we are back in Bali, Indonesia once again for the Christmas holiday period.

From way up north where I am based, Bali is only a 2 hour and 30 minute plane ride away. The temperatures are almost identical and the value for money there is unbelievable. You get so much more than any other destination within Australia for what you pay. Plus, there are the most stunning beach-side resort and private villas, not to mention the ridiculously well-priced massages and spa treatments. Yes i am so excited!

But even so, travelling to destinations that are closer to home, there is still so much planning that needs to go into every trip whether it is for 2 days, 10 days, or 6 weeks. Before every trip we take, I always print off one of my travel checklists which allows me write down everything I need to pack, purchase and get ready. I tick each item off as desired, and when the time come to jet off – i know i haven’t forgotten anything and can enjoy the ride.


You can purchase our great travel checklist here and is available as an instant download file, for you to download and print without waiting. The download includes the option of both pastels colour scheme, or our bright and playful theme. We also love to custom design, so if there is specific categories you would like to see, this can be done!

Once we recover from Bali, we are planning on taking on Euro 2016. If there is something i love more than chocolate, it’s planning a 6 week long european adventure filled with millions of plane rides, gorgeous train trips and aegean sea boat rides. I can spend hours upon hours on trip advisor researching my destinations, hotels and resorts, and tips and tricks.

With such a large amount of travelling when you venture within europe, its important to have it all noted down in a cute, coordinating travel itinerary printable. We have one available in our store here. It’s completely editable. Once downloaded, you can enter all your travel details in the allocated fields, print it off and have it with your all the way through to the final trip.


I love being so organised when travelling. It truly allows me to enjoy the moment with my family without worrying that i have forgotten something, or missed any important travel information. I find it super important to be organized as a travelling mummy.


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