How To Beat The Morning Rush

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 3.27.36 pmAre hectic mornings creating a stressful start to your busy day? Find out how to ease the madness and get your kids dressed, fed and out the door stress-free.

How very lucky I am to only have Miss T at school, 2 days a week. This blessing will soon be coming to an end as she enters full time school next year. I love those mornings where I can wake up, and take my sweet sweet time to get up and start the day. While I only have two little people, our school day mornings are just as hectic as anyone else… that morning rush… only we’ve introduced a fantastic and interactive morning chart to help the little one’s organise their mornings without all the chaos.

Before we started using a visible chart for Miss T to follow, our mornings were crazy. I think my neighbours hated me… the sound of my annoying voice so early in the morning. Seriously, there is actually nothing worse than listening to an adult talk child-like in an angered voice. It all starts as my phone alarm goes RING!!! I get up, get myself ready and then make a first attempt at waking Miss T. Second attempt, third… Now i am dragging her from the bed to the lounge where she will continue to sleep. Did I mention that my 4 year old is, and has always been the best ever sleeper. She loves her sleep.

I would then wake Miss A, make her a bottle, get their clothes ready, make them breakfast and head over to the lounge area for  war to get them ready. T would still be sleeping, A would be climbing the walls (already). I dress them, brush their teeth, feed and groom them.. All while i shove something small down my throat, aka, eat breakfast.

Yes, I dressed, fed and brushed my 4 year olds teeth, only so it would actually get done. By this time of course, it is way past 8 o’clock and we are once again late for school. Off we go, get into the car. Oh hang on, the getting into the car part is also just as painful when you are already late, stressed and a little pissed off with these small children. This hectic start used to create such a negative vibe carried out throughout my day.

So I finally customised and printed out one of my great morning routine printables that I had been selling to other mothers in the same situation for quite some time.. Only thing I have to say is, why didn’t I do this earlier?

They are available for purchase here, for a great price of $5.00 which includes both a morning and bedtime chart. I printed mine through Officeworks and had it laminated for a total of $2.50. They can also be custom designed to include exactly what items you desire for an extra custom design fee. Convo me through Etsy for more info.childrensroutinelayout

Miss T is now able to take herself to the toilet, brush her own teeth and face, and dress and feed herself. We have the chart stuck onto the bathroom mirror for her to look at every morning and run through each of the steps. This not only eliminates so many extra steps in my morning, but it creates a sense of responsibility for her and is such a cute, and playful design that the kids love to take part.

Setting a routine in our mornings has created a calmer start to our day and in turn, a more positive, happier home.


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