Technology Detox… Stay Off Your Phone, And Change Your Life



Are you sitting in front of the couch watching tv, checking up on IG with your phone in your hand, and your iPad sitting in your lap, web searching? Are your kids begging for your attention while you scroll through your Facebook news feed keeping updated on celebrity lives? Are you having trouble falling asleep at night? Let’s go on a technology detox and change our lives…

So a group of us are out to dinner, at a beautiful chinese restaurant on a Friday night. Work and school are out for the week, everyone is in great spirits, afterall, the weekend has just begun. Only… everyone is looking down at their phones instead of actually having a conversation. So we started a new tradition… At the beginning of our night – all phones in the middle of the table and no one is allowed to touch them until we are done. Works wonders!! Everyone is talking, laughing and free from technology brain clutter.

Social media has a weird way of creating unwanted negative, judgemental acts. You see something that one your so-called friends posted, you talk about their post to everyone at the table, you all make unneccesary judgements on their post, and their personalities and lives. That’s not the type of conversation we all want to have at dinner with friends or family. If you eliminate social media, or technology all together, everyone seems to be able to discuss things, not people.

Tip #1: No phones allowed when out at restaurants. 

So i guess, if you find social media controlling your life and implanting negative thoughts into your mind, you should really think about controlling the amount of social media you allow yourself.

How much time do you spend on your phone, iPad, or computer? Do you sacrifice important time with your kids? Are your kids nagging you for attention while your eyes are stuck to the screen? This is a big one for me, hence why I am starting the 7-day detox. It’s not to say I don’t pay attention to my kids and give them adequate TLC but sometimes, when i’m working on the computer, or editing my photos and uploading onto Instagram, my kids are asking me to STOP! And its easier said than done.. sometimes you just can’t switch it off at that very moment. But it is important that when they do require your attention and want to show you something, you try turn it off and watch. They are not little forever, they grow up super super fast and we don’t want to miss it.

Tip #2: If your kids tell you to get off your phone – GET OFF YOUR PHONE.

Another big reason I want to start my techno-detox is because too much stimulation = lack of sleep. Do you ever find yourself struggling to sleep after watching a whole 3 seasons on Netflix? Or when you close your eyes and all you can see is the gems from bejewelled and the annoying sound of the game? That is a sure-fired way to know you have had a techno-overdose. Imagine how wonderful it would be, to lay down to sleep with a clear mind and fresh attitude.

Tip #3: Avoiding all technology at least one hour before bed is recommended for a better nights sleep. 

How many hours a day are you staring at your screen, waiting for notifications and checking your emails? So much research shows how too much technology is harmful. Get on the 7-day technology detox, listen to your kids when they want your attention, be around people who make you not want to look at your phone.

Live a beautifully balanced life…


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