What can i say..

Im a lover of all things beautiful. I want pretty. I love shiny. Gold is good. Pink is better. But i love all things b-e-a-utiful!

Lucky for me, I married the most amazing man who feeds my need for the beautiful life. We have holes in our pockets, we live like kings and think about it later. We travel the world with our two little princesses (did I say princesses or assholes?) and have the deepest thirst for the world out there.

I am currently a stay at home mum about 95% of the year in a small town north of Australia where i run an online Etsy store called The Printable Cafe selling all things printable. It’s my brilliant way of keeping sane in between dressing, feeding, teaching, yelling, caring and loving my girls. Miss T and Miss A are my entire universe and more. Even though i feel like pulling my hair out and banging my head against the wall most of the time, i can’t even fathom a life any different to what is.

I come from a outrageously large family (by large i mean 30 immediate + more), who bred me into a great love for the world game (soccer or football, depending where you come from) and fitness. Completely addicted to Crossfit and healthy eating (most of the time). I’m a photographer enthusiast (IG hag, really), a potential clean freak, obsessive compulsive and a complete and total lover of all things food and most importantly; chocolate and coffee (i did say most of the time).

So please, live beautifully with me.


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